Welcome! Enjoy FREE International Shipping for All Original Watercolor Art!
Welcome! Enjoy FREE International Shipping for All Original Watercolor Art!
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   Welcome! Thank you for visiting Shekinah Art. Our goal and vision are to inspire and ignite creativity. We sell paintings that help families transform their homes by hanging windows to their dreams on their walls.

   We believe in the power of art to impact lives in a positive way. As more and more studies now show, art has the ability to relieve stress and even alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our brains are wired in such a unique way that we extract meaning from what we see and can even make us feel immersed in a piece of art. Paintings not only elevate the beauty of one’s home but also one’s life. 




  Quality and our customer's satisfaction are our utmost priority. Each painting is created with artists’ grade pigments and materials. All oil and acrylic paintings are coated with Gamvar Satin Varnish before being shipped to protect the piece from dust, moisture, UV light radiation, etc... Our watercolor paintings are painted on Archival Watercolor Paper for quality assurance and longevity. Please see individual product description for more information on each product. 




   Shekinah Ballard is an American - Filipina self-taught artist living in Southeast Asia. She started painting at the age of eight as she was inspired by the beauty she saw in visions, creation, and people. Consistency and dedication as an artist have helped her master the delicate process of creating paintings that appeal to the eyes and heart. 



 “Art is a way of healing and keeping the mind thinking positively. I choose to create art because I see it as a way to inspire and ignite creativity in the hearts and minds of others. I believe that art created from a pure heart is powerful and has the ability to speak a message from God. 


I was born in the USA and have lived in the Philippines since childhood. The Philippines is a very beautiful  country and life here has presented many unique experiences and opportunities. I was privileged to spend several years as a volunteer performing various responsibilities such as teaching literacy to the children of families struggling due to economical reasons. It was here that I learned some of the most valuable lessons that life can present: smiles and laughter are not determined by the situations that we find ourselves in, but by the mindset, we have in life. As I visited dump sites and communities devastated by typhoons I saw the power of compassion and relationship. It was here that my heart was moved and I was compelled to do what I do. Art is a form of communication and I make it my goal to communicate something beautiful."



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